Intellectual Property makes something unique, so we use all reasonable efforts to protect it. With Information Productivity, it is the opposite. If we protect the information we absorb, then it has the potential of becoming useless.

The Information Productivity Model

Today, more than ever, we have access to a lot of information. Access to information is healthy, as long as we process it in a reasonable way.

There is a model we need to use. In thinking about information and how we handle it, a process unfolds. Each step is necessary one in order to gain traction and information productivity.

Information Productivity

The Model Steps

Let’s walk through each one.

Absorb. We absorb information we read, hear, and view. As we take it in, our mind picks the data up and begins a thought process. We think. We take it in. We think some more. The information may even spark a light inside us, moving from our mind to our inner spirit. Information absorbs within us as we, essentially, become information sponges.

Convert. Converting information into actions is a critical step. While some information may be just for our consideration, some will require a plan. To add meaning to the absorbed information, we need to begin to make it actionable. This moves us forward in our thoughts and actions as we take in new information.

Act. After we have converted the information into actionable steps, we then need to, well, act! We do things with the information learned and the points outlined. In many cases, we may be problem-solving or creating, and acting on the information is what solves and creates. It is about movement of ideas into a world of changing, solving, and doing.

Learn. Through the process, we learn. We learn what works and what doesn’t. From this, we begin the cycle again. We absorb in the lessons learned and new information, and we begin to adapt as needed.

Leading Productively

The information productivity process is what keeps information fruitful. Without it, there is a danger. The big danger is we stay in the absorb step. We just continue to take it all in and never do anything with it. As this happens, the absorbing step crowds out the others, overpowering them like a big blob filled with swishing information.

Absorption-Only of Information

Without a process, information absorption leads to unproductive use of time. We become inert. We become stuck.

To advance as leaders, problem-solvers, and good citizens, we need to convert what we absorb into tangible actions and learn as we go. Taking these steps is what advances us forward into a more productive existence.

We need to enable our information productivity in order to solve challenges, create new ventures, and establish better working environments. Since the benefits are so extraordinarily high, we need to empower our information in the most productive way humanly possible.

Add your insights below. How do you convert information into actionable steps?