EnduranceWhen we think of marathons, the first word that pops into our minds is likely this one: endurance. Endurance is in the preparation and in the finishing, and now it also may be in the recovery.

The images from the Boston Marathon show the shock and horror. Even with such images more prevalent into today’s society, we still disbelieve such things can happen. The disbelief of why this would happen is positive in the sense it indicates we still have a certain innocence about us. We still believe in the general good of others.

The shock at this year’s Boston Marathon hits home to many of us. It hits home because we may know people who ran in it. We know of their preparation; we know of their family support through the months and then at the race itself. If we run, we know the vulnerability of being in just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. We know the joy in the eyes of the people cheering us on. We feel the celebrations of achievement, of endurance.

As the blasts delivered their impact, we paused. It was a pause of the unknown and then turned to a pause of shock. And, the pause ended, and many jumped in to help in the best way they could.

For those of us watching from a distance, we also paused. We paused in concern for those we knew along with those we did not. We paused to gather our breath and senses of what just happened. We paused to feel the pain as best we could and then the empathetic reach of the helping hands.

As painful as this is for so many, we come back to the endurance.

Just as in the preparation for a marathon and the qualifying times, we endure.

Just as in the adjustments we make to deliver the best time we can, we endure.

Just as in the thoughts we center to work through the regimens, we endure.

Just as in the mission of bettering ourselves continues to unfold, we endure.

We endure for ourselves.

We endure for our families.

We endure for our communities.

We endure for our society.

Endurance comes through helping and giving to others. You can see the soul of endurance in the people running toward where the explosions occurred, hands extended to help those injured.

Business Insider published an article highlighting 13 examples of being “awesome” after the explosions. My guess is that you can multiple this number by hundreds and thousands as people stood up and jumped in to assist. And this will continue through the days and weeks ahead.

Endurance matches well with perseverance. Endurance delivers the strength, and perseverance delivers the steadiness in purpose. Endurance delivers the patience, and perseverance delivers the hope. Endurance is the body and mind, and perseverance is the soul. Both come together in tough times and in good times, just as we do.