Just a few months past three years ago, Thin Difference began. It has been an evolution since as well as a place to explore thoughts, highlight experiences, and discover better ways to lead. Thin Difference began as a way to explore the choices we make in leading and living.

Through the practice of thinking and writing, another area of interest became clear, and it is enabling and encouraging the next generation of leaders, which are Generation Y or Millennials.

Each generation has an opportunity to learn from the past, gain understandings, and then lead forward in a refreshed way. Millennials have, in my opinion, the opportunity to be the next, great generation of leaders. My opinion is based on many things including their experiences, mindset, and outlook. It is based on how they interact, learn, and connect. Most of all, it is based on working with Millennials, together with other generations, and seeing the possibilities ahead.

Leadership Across Generations

So Thin Difference takes a slight turn. It turns toward a simple statement of “Cross the gap and lead with a new story,” which is a shorter way to say “With a thin difference between two generations, a vast opportunity exists to create a big leadership story.”

Just as two statements can pack a punch of meaning so can two generations coming together to share leadership insights and experiences. This is much more powerful than picking on characteristics and differences. Through sharing mutual experiences and insights, a leadership bond grows in strength, setting a solid foundation for the next generation of leaders. It is in “crossing the gap” we learn, grow, and become better leaders.

And, here’s one of the key points. In doing this, Millennials become stronger leaders but so do other generations. We learn from each other, lifting two generations up to a new level of performance and capability – a new leadership story.

New Areas of Thin Difference

This exploration and conversation begins today within the Thin Difference community. The reality is it has already begun. The direction started to unfold several months ago and now the branding and refreshed site reflect what has already started. A few new things to highlight are:

Millennial Leader Library: A mixed selection of books, each one I have read and believe deliver insights and perspective for Generation Y leaders. Books will be added over time so this library will grow.

New Blog Categories: New topics have been added to drive the conversations forward. They include:

  • Millennial Leadership: Leading as a Millennial is what will inspire Generation Y to be the next, great generation of leaders. Discover how to lead fully, spiritedly, and always with purpose.
  • Mindfulness | Leadership: Mindfulness is about being centered and present in how we learn, listen, grow, and lead. Adopting mindful practices will empower our leadership skills.
  • Philosophy | Inspiration: Having a life and leadership philosophy is essential to living in an inspired way and leading with soul and spirit.
  • Creativity | Innovation: Highlights how to innovate and create, keeping ideas flowing, products developing, and processes improving. A creative and innovative mindset ignites new thinking and better ideas.
  • Generational Insights: Sharing perspective across the generations is essential to accept each generation and learn from each other, enhancing the ways we lead, think, and act.

Engaging Blogs: A few individual blogs are pulled in to highlight their current topics alongside a community of other relevant blogs to read and participate in.

Guest Posts: With this refresh, there is a renewed emphasis on adding other voices and perspectives. Guest posts are open to any generation, and I hope to have many Millennial voices join in with their experiences and insights. All are welcome!

Giving Back: There are so many ways we can give back, and it should start in our own immediate communities. Everyone needs to identify those neighborhood initiatives. Beyond this, there are more ways to get involved and, at times, we just need to have some idea of where to begin. In this area, three causes are highlighted as a place to begin and engage.

These are just a few of the changes. Please explore and send me any feedback. Your ideas and thoughts are always welcomed.

Thin Difference – A Renewed Start

It has been said many times that the best way to start things is to start things. Thin Difference started and it has been a great experiment in writing, exploring, and exchanging. Now, it grows and focuses on one of the most important areas for the next several decades ahead — Millennial Leader success in purpose.

Welcome to the new Thin Difference! You’re ideas and insights are welcomed, always. Join in now with any thoughts in the comments!

Thank you!

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