Words stand-alone.

We begin to put them together and form sentences, conveying our thoughts, ideas, and concerns.

At times, our words seem to be as jumbled as putting them on a Scrabble board… random, no real meaning.

Our words can stream out fast and furious or slow and painful. In either case, passion is wrapped around them.

Our stream of words can stay within the flow, leave their rightful boundaries, or break through barriers to create new reservoirs.


Words comfort.

Words hurt.

Words challenge.

Words energize.

Words create.


Words are held in.

Words are blurted out.

Words are ignored.

Words are embraced tightly.


Words invoke, if we listen carefully. Words are more than spoken; they are heard. 

Words empower an exchange, a rhythm –


listening, speaking

questioning, understanding

compassion, empathy


Words connect… emotions, passions, sorrow, joy… people.


Your words count.

Another’s words count.

Words matter.