Maybe I am on a simplicity kick. We tend to overcomplicate things. I know I am guilty at times.

Let’s be real simple.

  • Life is what happens to you and comes at you – good and bad.
  • You come at life with your attitude, strengths, weaknesses, gifts, and talents.
  • In the middle is your leadership – shaped by your approach, mindset, actions, beliefs, thoughts, values, and words.

Life Leadership

In the middle of life and you is your leadership.

Life changes.

You change.

You either evolve or get squeezed out.

You either act or get left behind.

In the middle of you and life is your leadership choice.

You determine what your purpose is.

You select a direction.

You engage. You collaborate.

You act with certain principles.


You decide to ignore a situation, letting it fester.

If you ignore, your inattention says something about your character and purpose.

If you don’t act, your inaction and unspoken words communicate as much as what is said.

How you respond to life forms your leadership ways. The lessons are:

  • Define the content of your middle and then strengthen it. At your core is your leadership purpose, character, and beliefs. Strengthen your core to navigate life in a forthright, meaningful, responsible, giving, learning, purpose-filled way.
  • Spend more time lifting yourself up and lifting up as many as possible along the way.
  • Yes, you need to say no at times. Saying no is an action. Ignoring or sidestepping an issue, problem, or challenge shows a lack of character and purpose. Be positively active in your choices.

So, in the middle of you and life, how will you lead?