Aspen Truths

A few years ago, I was snowshoeing in the Rockies. It was a needed break from work and other activities.

Thin Difference had been my side project pursuit for several years, and I was continuing to learn, shift, and enhance what I was writing about. In the media and some social circles, there were voices of criticism and finger pointing at Millennials as being self-centered, unfocused, and job hoppers. All these words seemed too harsh and without real context.

The harshness seemed misplaced for two reasons. First, this generation is just getting started. Although Millennials are fast becoming the majority in our workplaces, many are just beginning their careers. As older generations, we should be guiding while challenging in positive ways. I believe this should be our mission.

Second, past generations haven’t done so well during their watch. Just look at the last ten years of economic meltdowns, fiscal irresponsibility, and tainted “leadership” legacies that have dominated many headlines and felt directly by thousands of people through lost jobs, savings, and homes.

Each generation has their turn, and our hope is the next generation builds upon lessons learned – good and bad – and adds to them with positive change, growth mindsets, and diligent efforts.

Activate Leadership: Aspen Truths to Empower Millennial Leaders

Within this mix of headlines and the refreshing nature of the Rockies, I re-focused Thin Difference as a community of support and challenge for Millennials. When we go beneath the surface, we find there is a small difference between what we want to achieve on purpose, and we can learn from each other to raise our standard of leadership. We just need to listen, interact, and be open for growth – between and within generations.

In nature, much can be learned. Within the aspens, I learned what special characteristics they have. Walking by in my snowshoes, the aspens almost went unnoticed. I was impatient. I just wanted to forge ahead. However, when our guide started to tell their real story, my curiosity was heightened and I began to see the connections to Millennials and other generations. From here, the idea of Activate Leadership began to glimmer.

Stepping Out, Stepping Up

Just as Thin Difference has been an evening and weekend project so was writing Activate Leadership. To say the least, this is how “tempo” became one of my galvanizing words the past year. What happens is a community gathers around worthwhile missions. The interactions within Thin Difference and the Millennial voices in other communities became an inspiration to continue to write, engage, and move toward publishing this book.

Writing a blog post is stepping out, waiting to hear the response. Writing a blog post is stepping up to address issues, putting our voice into the conversation. Fear always plays a role and this feeling grows even more when writing and then publishing a book.

The fear, however, of being unnoticed seems insignificant to the fear of what can happen when we do not speak up and offer our perspective. With some fear and a greater sense of excitement and energy, I am ready to take the next step forward with your help.

The Calling, The Campaign

Much has changed in our work cultures and social communities. Much more positive change needs to happen though. Within the aspen groves, wisdom is present and has been for generations. As Millennials lead and a generational transition unfolds, the aspen voice and wise truths need to be heard more fully. There is an alignment between aspens and Millennials.

Activate Leadership: Aspen Truths to Empower Millennial Leaders is written to bring this wisdom to life in an inspirational and pragmatic way. The words are written. The design is done. Activate Leadership is ready to be published.

My goal now is to engage a community to be early adopters, raise your voices, and build momentum in the launch of Activate Leadership. I need a community to read and participate in the conversations about how the Aspen Truths can enhance our leadership talents and raise our collaborative, action-oriented standards – all centered on purpose.

Will you join me? To learn more, we launched a Pubslush campaign. This campaign includes a two-minute video to highlight our mission and the idea behind Activate Leadership. Included in the campaign are different funding levels and rewards for individuals and book groups. I also commissioned a special art block design by the respected business culture artist, Hugh MacLeod of gapingvoid. The special edition art block design is based on Activate Leadership.

Your help will ignite sparks of conversation and momentum. Your help will start an Activate Leadership movement!

Thank you for your support. I am very grateful for your challenging thoughts and all the important work you do every day. Together, we can activate a better way to lead on purpose.