Before a year ends we gear up our resolutions. We dream about what “can be” or what we “should be” in the year ahead. For the 45% of us who make New Year’s resolutions, one of the healthy ones we make is to get fit. Thanks to social platforms we see this surge. The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook check-ins at health clubs surge 50% starting in December through late January.

And then the February dip hits. There is a 10% drop in check-ins. Our resolution or dream of a healthier body and lifestyle fades quickly. Yes, February is the month in which dreams die.

Is this dramatic? Of course. However, it also illustrates how impatient we may get. Too often, we want immediate results without the effort.

Or, do we just get lazy and comfortable with the way things just are? Doing something differently or taking action to pursue a dream of a new possibility takes effort. Perseverance is the word we need to activate. Staying power in our dreams takes a lot of work. (tweet to share)

Or, do we just get distracted? We have so many options today and we can choose often.

According to past research, it takes 66 days to gain a new habit. This is why February becomes the month where dreams die. We cannot blame the month of February, however. We can blame ourselves. We flinch in February. We cannot afford to flinch in doing something healthier in our life. (tweet to share)

So why am I being dramatic? The reason is quite simply this. If we lose interest in adopting a healthy habit within 30 days, how can we have the staying power for something much larger in life? Think purpose. Think continuous self-improvement. Think relationships. Think culture and community.

Don’t succumb to a February dip in anything you do that matters. Don’t flinch in doing the work for a higher purpose. Find your stamina. Do the work.