Guest Post by Caroline Schmidt

The desire for a career change can arise for anyone, at any time. Whether you’re in your fifties or twenties, working full time in an office or part time in a retail store. The most important thing is to know what signs to listen for to make an informed decision to pack up your desk and move forward.

Is it Time for a Career Change?

While a professional can switch up their job for any number of reasons, there are five key signs that every working individual should consider. Rather than risk life passing you by, it’s time to enjoy what you do and realize the full potential of a career change.

1. Work No Longer Challenges You

Every morning you arrive at work to carry out the same tasks, with an approach and result that doesn’t change. Very little of your job inspires you, and the sense of challenge you enjoyed, in the beginning, appears to be gone. Does this sound familiar?

For an individual to enjoy what they do, there needs to be a challenge. An obstacle that needs solving and requires thought and determination to overcome. When solved, it can lead to a sense of pride and satisfaction to outweigh any paycheck. It’s what wakes us up in the morning, and the absence of one can lead to a difficulty in recognizing future goals, which is the first sign to move on.

2. You Feel Tired All The Time

Some days are just long days and some years are just long years. If your work has a negative impact on your health, leaving you feeling exhausted and completely drained of energy, then it could be time for you to make the change.

Peace of mind is an important pillar of a happy career. It can be achieved by a change in working environment or even your specialized field. If anxiety and tiredness lead to a serious decline in your wellbeing, then it is important to recognize and respond to this.

3. Your Confidence is Diminished

And often your skill set along with it. A professional who feels they are not valued or entrusted to carry out tasks within their job description will lose all confidence in their ability. This can go beyond simply the office one works in, even to a loss of interest in the field.

This is a clear sign that there is no better time than now to change things up. Choose to study a short course or study online, join a local community group and build new skills to go toward a new found confidence. Above all, it is vital that professionals continue to grow and learn in their occupation.

4. You Aren’t Engaged With Your Passions

Do you remember when you played basketball on the weekend? Or visited the gallery every Wednesday? These pursuits are called hobbies, and they stem from a sense of passion. If you feel as though you have no interests, then it could be you’ve lost your way.

Though many of us may enjoy sharing a collective dislike for the 9-5 job, if your employment genuinely does take the life out of you, perhaps it is the time for you leave. Finding a great work life balance is absolutely necessary when the two are reflections of each other.

5. Your Talent Could be Used Elsewhere

Nothing signposts ‘new career needed’ like wasted talent. It is important that individuals who find themselves longing to work in the recognize opposite recognize that it is possible to relocate there.

If you believe your abilities are best put to use elsewhere, then the first step is to cultivate the thought and act upon it. Listening to the signals your mind and body give you is the key to a happy career. Changing your job might be scary at first, but taking the plunge and doing what makes you happy will make you just that – happy.

Guest Post

caroline_SchmidtCaroline Schmidt writes for Kangan Institute. She is passionate about education, careers, and giving advice on these topics.