Mindfulness is often described as being present. Stillness benefits our mind and calms our soul. Our lives, however, move. Throughout a day, stillness is an infrequent gift. Mindful practices evaporate into minute-by-minute activities.

Multitasking needs to stop for our brain health’s sake. Still, during our work, certain times require several activities in unison.

Gaining a break is a luxury we need. Carving this time requires strength and, too often, we weaken.

Given the challenges of our daily responsibilities, mindfulness is challenging. Another way to empower our practices is to discover how to be mindful in motion.

Places to Be Mindful in Motion

Every Day In-Between Spaces

My guess is our in-between time each day adds up to a reasonable amount. Time exists between meetings and within meetings. Transitions present an opportunity to center.

Between meetings, taking a minute or two to close our eyes and flush the unimportant thoughts from the previous meeting and refresh our attitude for the next. Even a minute works wonders in feeling a little renewed as the next event begins.

Within meetings, intense conversations happen. Taking time to inhale all that is being said is important. Rather than reacting, slowing time to process the statements and then exhaling what doesn’t matter is essential. A choice exists to listen carefully as the discussion ensues and then use this time to sort what matters and what does not. What this enables is better responses and fewer reactions. Reactions get us caught up in the emotions rather than responding in a thoughtful way.

Finding the in-between spaces during our day centers us. Rather than scrolling through social media or other diversions, time spent to release what does not matter, and keep what does, is time well spent.

Running and Exercising

I enjoy running and strength training. I don’t listen to music. Instead, I think. I try to notice my thoughts and what doesn’t matter and what deserves more focus. While running, I run different routes and see what small beauty pops out. It could be the unique architecture of a home or something unnoticed before.

When lifting weights or doing planks, I focus on a simple mantra to distract me from the time or number count. My mind helps my body concentrate, too.

Mindful running and exercising refreshes the mind and body connection.


Like running, walking gives time to flush thoughts and renew perspective. I notice what our dog notices and try to change my perspective in the process. If something unique standouts or captivates a thought, I may snap a picture. Noticing is mindfulness in motion because it gives us pause in a thought or sight.


Some of the best mindfulness in motion time is in a car. When commuting or running an errand, turn off the radio or podcast and drive in silence. Thoughts pour through, and we begin to sort, release, and renew. We float along with our car through the streets and highways. Some of my best thinking happens in the silence of my car and daily drives.

Mindfulness: More than Stillness

Meditation produces benefits for our brain, soul, and mind health. When practicing stillness, we renew many different connections – some scientific and some spiritual. We renew the connections between our heart and mind and our spirit and thoughts.

As good as being present in the moment is, we move more than we sit still. The greater opportunity is finding mindfulness in motion. We find the stillness in-between the movements, and we restore ourselves.

When someone asks about my mindful practices, I usually hesitate. My thoughts flood to being a beginner, and I identify all the gaps in my practice. I am too hard on myself, as many mindful beginners are. When we consider our mindful moments in our motions, we feel our practice develop and how we make use of our in-between times. Being mindful in motion gives us strength.

What motions provide opportunities for you to be mindful? Let’s share our mindfulness in motion examples and practices.