There are four types of talkers:

  1. Those who talk a lot and say little
  2. Those who talk little and say a lot
  3. Those who talk a lot and hear little
  4. Those who talk little and hear a lot

Which are you?

It may be an unfair question in that we cannot really answer it alone. We need to ask the people we interact with. Now, whether or not they really tell us will be a true test of honesty in our relationship. If we don’t have those who will be open with us, then this is a change to make. Find your accountability souls.

The reality is we likely know.

If we have an ounce of introspection, then we know. To practice introspection, it is taking a moment after a meeting and thinking about how much time each person spent talking and listening. Another test is to write down what we remember each person said, at least the essence of their position or viewpoint. Find your communication style.

What should be our goal?

We should participate as much as necessary to ensure we state our perspectives and ask our questions. We should listen as much as we can to understand each person’s opinions and insights. Find your balance, but be balanced.

The Art of Talking and Listening

This notion fits into the unlife life way. Getting the right mix of talk and untalk is a matter of speaking to gain understanding while listening to increase understanding.

The big “un” is this formula is understanding, and understanding is a key leadership trait to adopt in our workplace and life.

What practices do you use to ensure a balance between talking and listening? Please leave your comments and insights below.


An invitation.

Leading an unlife life has been on my mind a lot lately. And now I’m curious to hear your thoughts on undoing certain things in your life and leadership in order to take on new actions.

Would you consider writing a blog post about the topic? When you do, please send me a link. Each week I will highlight a collection of unlife life thoughts and approaches.

Uncertain how to begin? Check out Susan Mazza’s piece written last week. It was this post that inspired the idea of gathering other viewpoints. Learn more by reading “Live an Unlife Life“.

Thank you.