Plug in / Unplug - A TwistThe holiday breaks are always a time to unplug, and we need to do more of it during the year. Unplugging enables us to:

  • Refresh our outlook
  • Renew our mind
  • Re-energize our actions

Unplug or Pull the Plug

The thought of unplugging makes sense, yet it is challenging to do. Maybe “unplug” is too mild of a word. Maybe we should use “pull the plug.” It has a stronger action associated with it, so maybe we would be more inclined to do it.

What unplug does not mean, however, is disengaging from the community around us. We need to serve where we are. It can be with our neighbors next door or our community in another part of town. Our communities need us, and we need to take on this responsibility.

It is an important twist on unplug. Unplugging as an individual enables us to catch our breath, but it cannot be an excuse to ignore our communities.

Plug In to the Right Stuff

“Plug in” is the other side of this equation. It is about being engaged in conversations, responsibilities, and actions required – enhancing our exchanges, accountability, and progress. It is about being in the arena. The arena is a place for real, practical actions, not a place for just showmanship and shouting.

The twist to plugging in is to determine what unhealthy activities we are doing and separate ourselves from them. We plug in to many things without much thought, and they become bad habits. Gossip, junk food, constant TV, or other activities are the ones that drain us of our purpose.

It is vital to plug in to activities that make us better as well as those around us.

Getting the Plug Balance

At times, we unplug when we should plug in. At other times, we plug in when we should unplug. It is a balance of living an unlife life, and we need to embrace the balance and use it to lead better and live more fully.

It is our choice. We need to be mindful in our ways.

How do you balance pulling the plug with plugging in? What are your plans for the two in the new year ahead? Please add your insights in the comments section below!