The resolution time of the year has arrived. During the beginning of each year, we begin to say by saying “I resolve to _________”. We even may write out what we resolve to do.

We resolve to:

  • Do differently
  • Do more
  • Do less
  • Do this
  • Do that

Although I believe in making principles and values a verb, in this case, a noun may be better. We need to have resolve.

Resolve: Have it, Use itWe need to have resolve to:

  • Stand up when a wrong needs to be righted
  • Step up when challenges arise
  • Step in when things get off track
  • Speak up when a voice of reason needs to be heard
  • Pierce through cluttered words to uncover the truth

Resolve is straightening our backbone when things weigh us down, when we begin to wear out, when we become overwhelmed….

Yes, we need:

  • Goals
  • Plans
  • Principles
  • Philosophies

Yet, without resolve, they become just words sitting in some device, resting in our pocket.

Resolve is:

  • A stiffened upper lip
  • A soul inspired
  • A firm grasp on the work required
  • A gleam in our eyes on the possibilities to turn into new, better realities

Resolve is something that lasts beyond January. Its presence is evident most days of every month.

In the year ahead, do more than resolve, have resolve. It is an important twist to resolve; it is an unlife life way.

Clear eyes. Spirited plans. A strong dash of resolve will fortify you in your purposeful work ahead.

Flex your resolve, and use it fully.