Live and LeadThe Tracking Wonder #Quest2015 led by Jeffrey Davis has inspired key questions we need to consider deeply more frequently than just at the dawn of a new year. These are questions to be lived daily. Although there were three questions this past week, I will only focus on one. The question is from Seth Godin, and it is:

“Who would miss you if you were gone? If you didn’t show up to work, didn’t send out that newsletter, didn’t make that sales call, didn’t tweet that tweet… who would miss it? How does your answer shape how you’ll live out 2015?”

Being Missed

Who would miss me if I were gone? No one.

Stark yet a truth to be lived.

If I lived my life in a completely full way, then people wouldn’t miss me. They would pull work forward. If I lived in a way that a community was better because of what I wrote, said, and did, then others would continue and any gap would disappear quickly.

The Myth of Being Missed

Being missed may play too much into any person’s self-importance. We are replaceable but how we inspire others is transferable. How we live our life can be an influence on others. How we lead in our family life, workplace culture, and neighborhoods may create a foundation others will build upon and improve.

Think about it. There are people around you who make almost every decision, involved in every problem to be solved, and work cannot be done without their presence. Will this person be missed? The short answer is “yes” but not for good reasons. They will be missed because people will be uncertain on what to do next when they are gone.

The myth of being missed empowers certain leaders to dominate. The myth of being missed incents individuals to do things that backfire and create unfortunate stories to remember.

Live and Lead to Not Be Missed

Instead, we need to lead in a way to positively influence and enable the future. We need to live full in purpose so a mission carries forward across generations.

This answer shapes how I will live in the year ahead in the way I enjoin others in conversations and work, making a difference in what is exchanged and how problems are solved. I will live with humble strength and try to spend my time doing the most valuable things possible. I will build relationships with people who work well together and in purpose, knowing that what we leave behind is what others will enhance going forward.

Not being missed is a high standard in a way to live and lead. Not being missed is really what legacy is all about… isn’t it?