The Magic of Trust from VizWerx Group on Vimeo. Special thanks to the team at VizWerx for putting this video together!


Trust seems so simple yet complex in everyday life. We get caught up in distractions and annoyances and lose sight of the simple beauty and power of trust.

Just think. Trust is about giving and receiving.

We give someone our trust. It is in the projects defined, the objectives set, and the initiatives engaged. We give trust in our words spoken and in our insights shared. We give trust.

We also receive trust. When someone speaks, we are entrusted with the words spoken. When someone hands something off, we are entrusted to take it forward, do the work. We receive trust.

Trust is in the magical middle.

In the middle of giving and receiving trust, magic happens. When the giving and receiving of trust freely happens, everything flows. There isn’t second-guessing; there isn’t any hesitation. It just happens, quickly and completely.

Being in the middle means working in the trust flow. It is two streams coming together to create a more powerful flow forward. When giving and receiving of trust intersect, magic happens.

Trust: Giving and Receiving In giving trust, we:

  • Empower
  • Engage
  • Embrace
  • Expect
  • Entrust

In receiving trust, we:

  • Do more (create, innovate)
  • Delight more (exceed expectations)
  • Derive more (self-worth, self-confidence)

In how we lead, we need to exemplify trust in the way we give and receive.

How do you give trust? How do you receive trust? Join the conversation!